Blog Tour Day 6, The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder

We’re approaching the home stretch! Today is Day 6, and I’m excited to appear over at Darke Conteur’s blog. Today’s topic touches on one of my favorite questions: what would it be like to travel back in time? What would you do? How would you adjust?

Look for Darke Conteur’s paranormal series The Watchtower: Terror Tower, later this year.

Now go read the post!


2 thoughts on “Blog Tour Day 6, The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder”

  1. Found you through Polly’s blog (Pagan by Design) and read your book blurb on Amazon; like it! I’ve always loved time travel (Sliders and Quantum Leap junkie 😉 and this sounds like something I’ll enjoy. I might have to give it go…

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