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Friday Frustrations

I’ll apologize ahead of time for the whining, but it’s time to vent:

1. Why – why, why, why – does Google Chrome always give me a “This webpage cannot be displayed” message on every page I try to load? Okay, it’s not always, and it’s not every page. But it’s about 80% of them and I hate it. I click “reload” about fifteen times before the stupid page finally shows up.

It should not be that way. But I have even less luck (different problems) with IE or Firefox. That’s why I’m using Chrome. Can’t any of them work?

2. Why does my Vista computer think it needs IE8? Do I really need to download this bug-ridden, hard-disk-destroying monster just to keep my OS happy? Because I tried it with another computer (that one used XP), and it completely wiped out any access to Google. It did other things too, but it was the Google bit I couldn’t get around. As it happens, I use Google for my home page and documents, and calendar, and… I needed access.

And I couldn’t get the frigging thing off my computer. I had to get some tech guy in India to take remote control of my computer so HE could take it off. Then I had to restore my computer to a point in time before the download. I was not happy. And I’m not about to do it again. But I keep getting these notices that WINDOWS IS IN DANGER because I haven’t downloaded IE8.

3. Maybe it’s time for an Apple.

4.  Will someone please hack the hacker group ANONYMOUS – Those idiots who think it’s okay to endanger innocent BART riders? Honestly, considering they’re smart enough to hack computers, you’d think they’d have a brain cell or two among them.

5. And so that I don’t send you away mad at me for whining, go laugh at this and this. Neither one is safe for work as far as I’m concerned.


2 thoughts on “Friday Frustrations”

  1. Your problem #1 almost certainly has nothing to do with Chrome, and everything to do with your internet connection. Does your router need to be restarted? Are you on a flaky wireless connection? Is there an update for your router’s firmware?

    As for problem #2, the current IE version is actually 9, not 8. I never had a problem with 8 and actually like 9 quite a bit (it’s much better than Firefox), but YMMV.

    1. You’re a genius, Jesse. I investigated my router and sure enough, there was an update for it. Got it installed and – so far, so good. The browser is faster, and no hang-ups, yet. Thanks!

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