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A Routine Post on Routine

I’ve been keeping busy since returning from vacation. There’re all the usual things involved in getting the household running again: groceries, laundry, housework…

Um, housework?

*looks around*

Perhaps I haven’t done any housework yet.

I have been working in the garden, pruning and shaping a few out-of-control plants, and clearing crabgrass. There’s an awful lot of crabgrass around here.

We have also been keeping to a strict walking schedule. This is our main form of exercise, and even that fell by the wayside while my poor husband had some knee treatments. We are slowly building back up, walking three times a day, for a total of about six miles. We want to get up to ten miles or more on most days, and also add hiking and dancing to the mix. I’d like to throw in some Tai Chi, too.

Then there’s writing business to do. Shipbuilder’s publication date is fast approaching, and there lots of preparation going into that. The next book in that series is Bridgebuilder, and I continue to add a paragraph to that occasionally. I will be hitting it hard soon, aiming to have it completed by the end of the year.

Crossed fingers are accepted daily. Thank you.

So… I’m keeping out of trouble and trying to do useful things. Now, where did I put that broom?

2 thoughts on “A Routine Post on Routine”

  1. I send crossed fingers, white light positive energy, and cookies! You can have some when you’re done your housework. 😀

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