Vacation Report

Grandchildren are a lot of fun.

We’ve been here two nights and one full day, and it’s safe to say we all like each other. Joshua is delighted with attention from two extra adults, especially his Grandpa Rick, who is awesome to play with. This seems to be a universal agreement among all the little grandchildren. They always lay claim to him as soon as he shows up.

I get special compensation with the babies. Five-week old Ethan seems quite content to let Grandma hold him all she wants.

We made the mistake of thinking the Pacific Northwest is a cool place in the summer. Um… no. We seem to have found a heat wave. I don’t do heat well, anymore. And like weather rookies, we packed for cold weather. So I have very few hot-weather items to wear. Must do laundry.

We hiked a lot at Crater Lake, which I’m happy to report, was visible and gorgeous on a cloudless (and hot) day. The last time we tried to see it (my first visit) was during the awful forest fires of 2002, and southern Oregon was covered in smoke. I could see a few feet of water, but that was it. I don’t have pictures uploaded yet, but I’ll show one later. There’s a lake there, all right.

I’ll point out that I’m the only awake, and have been for a few hours. Restless legs. ‘Nuff said.


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