Writing Update: You Won’t Believe What Happened

I can hardly believe it myself. Out of all the packages we get at this house, why THIS one?

Over the weekend, I uploaded SHIPBUILDER to Create Space and ordered a proof. I have been waiting – the pins and needles kind of waiting – for the proof to arrive. Yesterday, it did.

Sort of.

We were out of town all day, and I saw the box on the porch when we drove up about 7:00. The box… was empty.


Of all the imaginings I had of the moment I would first see my book, this was not even on the radar. I think I was in shock, partly crying, partly shaking, and mostly, “Oh my god, WHAT do I do about this?”

A martini seemed like a good start.

That settled, I tackled the UPS online claims form, which in my shaky, shocky state was not a pleasant experience. I also sent a note to Create Space. This morning, I called them and the chipper young woman on the phone promised to send out another proof post-haste. It’s supposed to be here on the 18th.

May I just say? This is not good for my nerves. Not at all.

4 thoughts on “Writing Update: You Won’t Believe What Happened”

    1. It wasn’t taped very well. One of those boxes made by folding over the long flaps and taping them. I suspect it just came loose and the book fell out. Unless UPS finds it, someone, somewhere gets a free copy of my book. I just hope they like it and tell their friends…

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