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Writing Progress Amid Other Things

Yesterday, the awesome Laura Shinn sent me the final print version of Shipbuilder’s cover. I got everything uploaded to Createspace, and this morning received an e-mail saying I could order the proof copy.

So… the first proof copy for Shipbuilder is on its way. In a few days, I’ll be holding my book!

Which I will have to check for errors. No, it’s not the copy you can order yet, sorry.

In other news (because life goes on), today is a dessert day. So far, I have made chocolate chip cookies, lavender ice cream, and chocolate meringues. The meringues happened because the ice cream used only egg yolks and I had to do something with the whites. Meringues are tricky though, so we’ll see how they turn out. The first batch is in the oven, now.

Dinner will be a tomato tart. I’ll probably include spinach on it, so we get our greens. Although a salad would be nice with it, too.

Tonight is the SF symphony.

THEN, maybe I can sleep…