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A List of Three with Nothing in Common

Foreclose on your bank: if more of us took this kind of action against “too big” banks and corporations, maybe customer service would be better.  But why the heck are these people keeping their accounts there?

Anthony Weiner: Honestly. Do we need people like this in public office? It’s an adult job. Seems like only adults should apply.

In the “it’s not rocket science” category: More reasons behind obesity. Yes, it’s true that lack of exercise can lead to weight gain, so if we spend nine hours a day at a desk, and another one or two hours in a car commuting to and from the desk – yeah. We aren’t using our bodies enough. Did we need a study done to tell us that?

My current writing task: a line-by-line review of TTJ: Shipbuilder. I’m restricting myself to one chapter a day so my eyes don’t start skimming over it. Changes are minor, but every bit makes the finished product better.

I hope.

3 thoughts on “A List of Three with Nothing in Common”

  1. Marlene,
    Nice blog. Does it auto-forward to LJ and FB? I’m curious about all the plugins and such that you’ve used. Any problems with spam?


    1. Thanks for checking out the blog, Dave!

      It forwards to FB, not to LJ. I usually just copy it over to LJ, but I don’t always remember to. I wish WP let you have a friends list and friends page like LJ does. It would be perfect. But then, if LJ let us have multiple pages, we wouldn’t need WP.

      Why can’t life be simple?

      No problems with spam, yet. WP does have a spam filter which I’ve activated. So far, only a few people have found this blog, so I think I’m safe for now.

  2. About Anthony Weiner I am speechless; why is it when something like this occurs, soemthing follows that even more… ridiculous! That seems to surprise me most of all!

    As for reviews and reviewing… That just hit me so hard today, standing amid folks that didn’t know each other but were trying to communicate, and man, it was going badly. Which is sometimes the ways of reviewing a book, trying to boil so much into a paragraph or two, or worse, how many stars out of five? Ten isn’t even enough. It’s certainly given me something to chew on!

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