Shipbuilder Progress

There are many steps to self-publishing and the learning curve is steep. I’m taking my time, making sure that I understand everything before I do it. I want to be picky about this – when someone holds a copy of my book in their hands, I don’t want it to look obviously different from any other book on their shelves.

But one step has been accomplished. Shipbuilder has a cover!

This will be for both the ebook and the print book. The artist is Laura Shinn, who has a soul of patience. She changed out the pictures more times than I can count! This book was a little more difficult than others, because we had to find pictures of the Titanic (or a similar ship) that are not copyrighted. And we wanted to use pictures of the real Thomas Andrews, but those are all privately owned. He was such a good-looking guy, that all other male models failed to measure up, so we decided to not use any faces at all.

We also struggled to convey the book’s cross-genre aspects. I see it mostly as a science fiction novel, but one with strong romantic elements. Yet it’s not conventional SF romance – it’s more like historical romance. It’s alternate history,but it’s not steampunk. This cover is heavy on the romance aspect, but I think it works. The title, “The Time Travel Journals,” will have to provide the nod to science fiction.

I think it’s gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Shipbuilder Progress”

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Marlene, for the high praise! This cover was indeed a challenge, but you were such an active part in finding just the right look to portray this amazing book you’ve written. If ever there was a book to take on vacation and read on the beach, yours is the one!! I’ll be getting this one in print, I guarantee it! LOL I only wish you could autograph it for me. *g* And I’m here to say, you’ll have the ebook AND print versions uploaded and for sale by mid-June, easy. The book is perfect and the print cover will be in your hands very soon. I am so thrilled to be a part of the beginning to this series. I highly believe each book in the Time Travel Journals will go far!!

    Laura Shinn

  2. Love the cover! While in Ireland and Scotland, I talked up Shipbuilder to many of the people I ran across. So glad you are publishing it.
    I saw a bit of Cobh on my way to Cork City. Loved the seaside town.

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