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Cupcakes and Vampires

Go see Mindy Klasky’s post over at SF Novelists.

Although I love that Mindy’s serializing a novel online, I can’t say that the cupcake thing worked well for me. Some of my true answers would have been “none of the above,” meaning I didn’t like any of the choices offered. But it’s all in fun, and at least part of me is “nutty karma cupcake.”

Nutty Karma Cupcake
Nutty Karma Cupcake
You are a Nutty Karma cupcake – caramel cake with candied nuts, topped by dulce de leche frosting.

You are a spontaneous, wild-and-crazy person who is easily talked into doing silly things. You likely have or want to have a tattoo. You love crowds, and you are comfortable in unfamiliar situations. You are impulsive and energetic, relying on your natural empathy to understand the world around you.

Your preferred careers include actor, musician, bartender, massage therapist, or writer.
What Kind Of Cupcake Are You?