May Days

Last week was busy and eventful, and I didn’t get anything done related to writing or blogs or darn near anything else. I will probably not catch up, but I can at least pick up where I left off.

So first: Happy Beltane! We celebrated with a lovely breakfast of crepes, strawberries, and whipped cream. Oh, and some chicken-apple sausage. Then we partook of the annual Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour, wherein we visit strangers’ homes to traipse around their gardens and get ideas for our own yard.

I must say, I think this is an excellent beginning to a busy month, which will include, but won’t be limited to, the following:

1. I will (WILL!) finish World’s Apart, Draft the First. In fact, I’m sort of cheating by starting on Draft the Second, even though there are a few scenes still to write at the end. It turned out to be helpful, in that some revision of early chapters made more clear what’s needed to end it. Whatever works, y’know?

2. Two childbirth classes weekly or biweekly throughout the month.

3. Writers of the Future awards ceremony in LA. I get to meet fellow OWW-er Patty Jansen, who’s up for an award. Also, I believe there will be at least one other OWW-er there – Stelios Touchditas. Hope I get to meet him too.

4. BayCon. I do not have an entry in the writer’s workshop this year, but I will bring along a few entries for Iron Editor. Go ahead. Do your worst.

5. The Danish Royal Ballet.

6. Mother’s Day, when I get to see (some of) my kids. Also, birthdays, especially that of the Best Husband in the World.

Let the games begin.